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Strength in system integration is the key for an efficient and cost effective dredge design !

Dredge Systems

Holland Dredge Systems is a business unit of Holland Marine Technologies and provides a wide scope of products and services, ranging from engineering- to complete equipment packages for shipyards and dredging contractors.

In cooperation with partner engineering companies and specialised fabricators, HollandMT stands out in providing complete dredging solutions. Key expertise:

Understanding the dredging process

The dredge process consists of many variables. First of all there are the soil- and environmental conditions. Secondly the system /equipment capabilities, constraints and boundaries. A HollandMT dredge system design incorporates all these parameters, ultimately resulting in the most productive and cost efficient dredging solution.

Integrating customer's requirements

There is no standard in dredging. Our designs are a starting point for discussions based upon which we can integrate your specific demands or requirements. Ultimately, a HollandMT designed dredge system will meet your needs.

Modular designed dredging systems

Dredge systems and components designed and manufactured by HollandMT can be recognized by their modular design. The units are as much as possible pre-assembled and tested before delivery.

Shipyard support services

HollandMT has extensive experience in providing ship building support services to shipyards with limited dredge building experience. Besides supply of dredge equipment, HollandMT can also provide engineering- (basic & detailed), system integration-,quality assurance- and project supervisory services.

Primatily HollandMT can provide the following:

  • Basic & concept dredger design packages
  • Dredge loading systems, including dredge pumps, dredge piping, gatevalves etc.
  • Dredge unloading systems, including bottomdoors, bowcouplings etc. 
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Dredging monitor & control systems
  • Supervisory and project management services
  • Commissioning and start-up services
  • Product training

A local and/or client selected shipyard/fabricator can provide the steel fabrication, hull piping, outfitting, electric cabling and assembly of the supplied equipment.

Our work approach provides the following customers benefits:

  • An ultimate mix between cost effective manufacturing and first class dredge engineering
  • A well balanced design and a proven technical concept
  • Local manufacturing provides savings on transport costs and import duties.
  • Integration of first class dredging equipment, diesel engines, gearboxes, winches, electrical installation, hydraulic systems and auxiliuaries

In accordance with above mentioned project methodology, HollandMT can provide engineering and equipment for the following Dredgers: